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Intensive English Programs

Variety of Programs


ESL Levels 1 - 7

Hours per week: 18
The ESL Levels 1-7 Program combines three classes:
Listening & Speaking
Reading & Vocabulary
Grammar & Writing
Classes are taught by three different teachers, so you can experience different accents and teaching styles. There are 7 levels with a duration of 3 months (12 weeks) per level. You will be placed in the most suitable level for you after taking our Placement Test and oral assessment on orientation day. After you complete levels 5, 6 or 7, you will be able to attend certain colleges and universities without a TOEFL® score.


Hours per week: 18
The Conversation Program is designed to improve your pronunciation, idiom usage, and fluency skills. You will be able to practice and use the skills necessary for real-world situations in English. The Conversation programs is broken down into two levels:
Intermediate Conversation Program
Conversation Management and Accent Reduction (CMAR)
Focus on Idioms (FOI)
Role Play Practice (RPP)
Advanced Conversation Program
Conversation Management and Accent Reduction (CMAR)
In-Depth Communication (IDC)
In-Depth Discussion (IDD)

Business English

Hours per week: 18
The Business English Program will prepare you for all aspects of the business world, from presentations to PowerPoint, negotiating to socializing, and phone skills to letter-writing. Get ahead in your chosen field!
The Business Program has the following classes:
Business Communications
Business Theory and Meetings
Business Practice

Vacation English (VEP)

Hours per week: 14.4
The Vacation English program (VEP) will provide students with the opportunity to explore in and around the Los Angeles area while helping improve confidence in using English in everyday situations. There will be fun activities and field trips available on Fridays, giving students the chance to practice established and developing language skills in real-world settings while learning about American culture.

Test Preparation Programs



TOEFL iBT® Preparation

Hours per week: 18
The TOEFL iBT® class prepares students for the TOEFL iBT® test by presenting and practicing strategies to help them improve their reading, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing skills. In addition, students are given practice in critical thinking and note taking skills. This class is beneficial for students who need a TOEFL® score to get into a university or graduate school program and students who need a TOEFL® score to enter a profession in the US (such as nursing or pharmacy).
The TOEFL iBT® Preparation Program has a unique four-week system that includes:
Listening Section
Speaking Section
Reading Section
Writing Practice on the computer.
You will also have a practice TOEFL® test every six weeks to get an idea of your TOEFL® score. When you are ready, you can take the official TOEFL® Test and go on to a college or university.

TOEIC® Preparation

Hours per week: 18
The TOEIC® preparation program has a unique 10-day system that covers all 7 parts of the TOEIC listening and reading, plus the new speaking and writing sections of the test. You will have a practice TOEIC test every two weeks to get an idea of your TOEIC score. You can get a high TOEIC score to help you find a good job in your country.
The TOEIC® class is most useful for
Students who need a TOEIC score to get a job in their country
Students who wish to work in business in an English-speaking country
Students who wish to learn business related vocabulary
Students who take this class will have
Intensive preparation for the TOEIC test
Speaking and Writing Practice
Intensive Vocabulary Building
Business Readings

GMAT®/GRE® Preparation

Hours per week: 18
The GMAT®/GRE® Preparation Program was designed specifically to help non-native speakers of English improve their verbal, reading, and writing scores on either the GMAT or GRE test. Students receive individualized instruction on the test that they are preparing for, as well as group instruction to improve overall comprehension. This class will cover strategies and review the verbal portions of both tests.
The class will cover the following areas:
Sentence Completion
Critical Reasoning
Analogies, Sysnonyms, and Antonyms
Computer-Aided Practice

Private Lessons

To meet your needs and goals



From 1.5 hours a day
Private lessons (from 1.5 hour) are designed by you! The Language Sysytems International private lesson teacher will create lessons to specifically meet your needs and goals. Set up the schedule and subject of the lesson yourself. You can choose from 1.5 hour lessons or longer and request to have the lesson with your favorite teacher.

Combination Options

Combine Programs


Option 1

Hours per week: 36
Is a combination of morning and afternoon programs. For example, you can study ESL in the morning and conversation or test preparation in the afternoon.

Option 2

Hours per week: 24
Combines the ESL Program with the Conversation Management & Accent Reduction (CMAR) class. In the CMAR class, you will work on pronunciation and reduce your accent to develop better English conversational skills. You will improve your English fluency skills even more by taking this specially designed pronunciation and conversation class in addition to your regular classes.

Teacher Training

Teach ESL


TESOL Certificate

110 Hours
In this program, participants are introduced to TESOL methodologies and approaches, various techniques for planning and teaching classes in all the Englsh language-skill areas, cross-cutural communication, and a variety of levels an learning styles in the ESL classroom.

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